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  • What can I plant or replant in my jewelry? 🌿🌿 You will obviously be able to plant the seeds delivered with your jewelry, but also many other seeds. The larger the seeds, the less they will need to be placed in your jewelry to allow them to germinate in the best conditions. If you want to replant small plants, there are also plenty of choices. Mini succulents are ideal because they require minimal watering. However, any small plant recovered with its root can be replanted in your TISTOU jewelry. It's up to you to take care to water it according to its needs.
  • How do I water my jewelry? 🌿🌿 TISTOU jewelry has been designed to withstand water without any problem. You can therefore pass your jewelry under a stream of tap water for a few seconds so that the water penetrates the earth well. Only the brass parts should avoid too frequent contact with water.
  • How do I clean my TISTOU jewelry? 🌿🌿 With water and a small brush for the resin parts. The glass parts can be cleaned with water or white vinegar, then wiped with a soft cloth.
  • Is TISTOU jewelry suitable for children? 🌿🌿 Models that do not include glass are completely suitable for children. However, models containing glass are obviously not recommended.
  • I can't find instructions for use? 🌿🌿 To preserve the environment and avoid unnecessary printing, the instructions for use can be found on the TISTOU website: click on your model to access its instructions for use. In addition, after each order is sent, we will send you an email containing these same instructions.
  • Can I use other soil or other seeds than those supplied with my Bijou TISTOU? 🌿🌿 Our soil and seeds have been specially selected for the specific conditions of use of TISTOU jewelry. However, you can add other soils and of course other seeds. It’s up to you to experiment!